3 Quick and Easy Wedding Shower Punch Recipes

Wedding shower punch recipes your guest will love

You don't want to have just any old wedding shower. No. You want to host a wedding shower that guests and most importantly, the bride-to-be will talk about for years to come. One way to pull off this feat is to pay attention to details and make each one spectacular. Here are three quick, easy, and inexpensive punch recipes that your guests will love and always remember.

Bridal Shower Punch with a Zing

This super easy punch is always a crowd pleaser. Combine two well-known ingredients and you've got a winner. What's the recipe? Two 2-liters of Mountain Dew© and one 46-ounce can of pineapple juice. That's it.

To make the punch, have your Mountain Dew© and pineapple juice well chilled. Right before your guests arrive, pour both 2-liters into the punchbowl and add the pineapple juice. Just remember you need this amount for every punch bowl full that you make.

You might also want to freeze your pineapple juice for a slushy punch. Just give it time to thaw and mix with the Mountain Dew©. Be prepared. Once guests start drinking this punch, you might have trouble getting them to stop so have plenty of ingredients on hand.

Smooth & Creamy Bridal Shower Punch

This punch is as simple to make as the 'Punch with a Zing' but is smoother. For this recipe you'll need chilled Ginger Ale and Orange Sherbet. Scoop the half a gallon of sherbet into the bottom of the punch bowl. Next, add the chilled Ginger Ale. Be sure and give each guest some sherbet in each glass as you serve. Very smooth. Very delicious.

Colored Punch

This punch takes a little more work but is so worth it. Whether you're hosting a formal shower or a simple girls-just-wanna-have-fun shower, this recipe is great. The best part is you can "dye" the punch to match your color theme by picking the right flavored drink mix.

1 package flavored drink mix - any flavor you like, any color you like
1 (2 liter) bottle of lemon-lime soda or Ginger Ale
1 (64 oz) bottle white cranberry juice
A couple scoops of vanilla ice cream or your favorite Sherbet
Sugar or artificial sweetener - only if you need to make it sweeter

For extra pretty punch, make an ice ring using fresh strawberries and peaches. Unmold and float in punch after mixing up the punch.

Any of these three punches are sure to make a great impression at your bridal shower. The great thing about these recipes is they're easy, your bride-to-be will love them, and they'll make a lasting impression at your wedding shower.

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