A Bridal Shower Invitation to Remember

How to make sure you send out an impressive bridal shower invitation.

The bridal shower is such an important part of the wedding and every bride wants her bridal shower invitation to reflect how important this day is. If you want the bride to be happy with the bridal shower invitation, you'd better be sure it's impressive.

Impressive Does Not Mean Expensive

First things first -- it's important to note that impressive does not mean expensive. Just because you're aiming for an impressive bridal shower invitation does not mean that you have to find the most expensive one.

An inexpensive but well-made bridal shower invitation will work just as well as the most expensive invitation on the block.

A Little Thought Goes a Long Way

Sometimes hand-made bridal shower invitations mean more to a bride than purchased ones. Put a little time and thought into the bridal shower invitation and the bride is sure to acknowledge and appreciate it.

Avoid Store-Bought Bridal Shower Invitations

Avoid a cheap, store-bought bridal shower invitation. You know the kind I'm talking about. They're not customized except for the blank lines where you write in the party information.

While these types of invitations do have their time and place (like a 3-year-old's birthday party), a bridal shower is not the time or place for this type of invitation.

Try Unique Invitations

Try invitations that are creative and unique. For example, many people give out customized candy bars as bridal shower party favors, but why not give out a customized candy bar as a bridal shower invitation? Customized lollipops make great bridal shower invitations too.

Regardless of which type of bridal shower invitation you choose to send, just make sure it's made with quality and care. After all, just like the bridal shower party, the bridal shower invitation should be something the bride can be proud of.

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