A Cheesy But Fun Wedding Shower Idea

Looking for a unique wedding shower theme? Well, why don't you all go bowling?

When it comes to wedding showers, there tends to be little variance in terms of venue. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd bet that the last shower you attended was pretty much like the one before that, which was like the one before that, and so on.

Usually, everyone congregates at either the planner's or the bride's home. Fair enough. Sometimes, the party gathers at a restaurant and enjoys a few buffalo wings; nothing wrong with that, either. But wouldn't it be fun to do something a little different... say, go bowling for once?

Rolling a Strike

Large public places are excellent options when the party's a big one, and you just don't have the room to stuff everyone into your little apartment. And consider this: bowling alleys aren't exactly quiet places, so no one is likely to be upset if you get a little loud.

Some alleys even have special party rooms where you can really cut loose!

Inevitably, bowling alleys also have attached restaurants, bars, or snack bars (and sometimes all of the above) where you can enjoy classic All-American drinks and food. Admittedly, you wouldn't ordinarily be caught dead with some of that stuff... but that's part of the fun, isn't it? It's a party, so live a little!

Mixed Doubles

Bowling alleys are also good places to hold co-ed bridal showers, per the popular trend. Given the venue, the guys are likely to be more comfortable than they'd be if the shower took place at a house or apartment. And if they need to get away for a bit, well, there's always that pinball machine over there.

It might even be fun to set up a friendly boys vs. girls bowling game, or pair off into couples teams and see what happens.

Appropriate Props

If you really want to get in the spirit of things, you can create decorative food items that fit both the occasion and venue. For example, bride and groom bowling pin-shaped cupcakes might work; or you might craft a spherical bowling ball cake, if you're ambitious.

Otherwise, a few venue-appropriate gifts in addition to the traditional bedroom and kitchen items might be in order. How about a new pair of bowling shoes for the bride-to-be, or a shiny new ball with her name engraved on it? She'll need to get it drilled to fit her grip, of course!

Something Like That

If your attendees don't care for bowling, or you live in some isolated spot where bowling alleys are rare, you can export this idea to other public venues. A miniature golf course, a petting zoo, or even a mall food court can make a great offbeat option for a wedding shower.

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