A Quilt-Themed Wedding Shower

These days, it seems most wedding showers have the same old themes. Well, here's an idea: why don't you and your girlfriends put together a quilt shower?

There's nothing quite like a good patchwork quilt, stitched together with love. All the various pieces, despite their differences, come together to form a warm, comfortable whole that just feels safer and more soothing than a mere blanket.

Many of us have fond memories of such quilts, often because they represent a gift of love and labor from someone we care about.

Introducing the Quilting Shower

So... what does quilting have to do with wedding showers? Simple enough: if you're handy with a needle, or some of the fellow shower attendees are, you can use quilting as the theme of the next shower you plan. This is especially apropos if the bride-to-be enjoys or appreciates fine needlework.

Anyone can quilt, given a little patience. While this theme may seem a bit unusual, it's unique; and admit it, aren't you tired of the same old bridal shower themes? Risqué gifts may be amusing at first, and kitchen tools are useful, but they all get old after a while.

The Quilt Itself

Given the nature of quilting, this theme may be best suited to a small number of attendees; you'll need to scoot close together to craft your homey piece of art, and even a big quilt can't accommodate more than 8-10 stitchers at once.

The piecemeal nature of a patchwork quilt makes it an ideal remembrance piece. Each attendee can bring their own scraps to use, decorated any way they like. They can even embroider their name or initials on the pieces, so the bride can know at a glance who provided each.

Planning Ahead

As the planner, you should check on what type of fabric each person intends to bring, and what color those fabrics will be, so you can get a rough idea of how to lay them out before you stitch them together.

You'll also need to know how many pieces you have, so you'll know if you need to bring any extras to round out the finished quilt. A little thought will help you cut down on the amount of time it'll take to put it all together.

Speaking of Time...

The truth is, one afternoon may not be sufficient to complete a full-sized quilt. What you can do, however, is plan out a baby quilt for the first Bundle of Joy when it comes; or, if you're sufficiently ambitious, arrange for you and a few others to finish up the quilt after the shower itself.

While it may not be the easiest event to plan, you can almost guarantee none of the attendees has ever attended a Quilt Shower before -- and the result will be a lovely heirloom the bride's sure to cherish!

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