A Tea Party Wedding Shower Theme With a Twist

Want a more unique approach to a traditional idea? Have a magical tea party wedding shower theme!

Deciding on a wedding shower theme is one of the most important steps in the process. The theme dictates everything that follows: invitations, food, decorations, even gifts. When you're looking at shower themes, though, you'll quickly notice that most of them are pretty repetitive. And that can be okay: the important thing is that you focus on the bride. Do that, and everything else will follow.

But if you really want to wow 'em, you'll need more unique wedding shower themes. An easy way to do that is to put a twist on a classic. In this case, take a classic theme -- the standard tea party -- and make it special by adding a magical twist.

Tea leaves, gypsies, and more

To start with, decorate your invitations eclectically -- in other words, with lots of colors, patterns, and fun. Invite guests to come in their best gypsy costumes: flowing skirts, scarves, bright colors, and lots of jewelry.

Decorations are easy: just get yards of brightly colored cloth and flowers. Drape it around all over the place. Don't worry about matching -- the more colors and patterns, the better. Keep things energized but with a slightly romantic edge.

As guests arrive, make sure you play lively music in the background. Anything with a middle eastern theme will do just fine, as will lively fiddle music. Encourage guests to enjoy themselves, dance around, and have fun.

As with most wedding shower themes, you'll have to find food and games. A fun game for this one is to get your hands on an episode of the show 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.' Preview the episode first (to make sure it's a fun one) and select things that seem to happen with alarming frequency -- say, a catchphrase someone keeps repeating, or a mother who constantly interferes with her daughter, or a really ugly dress.

Everyone gets to hold a small party favor. Whenever they see one of the events, they have to quickly switch favors with somebody else. If you pick enough triggers, you'll have people running all over!

Another great source of entertainment: hire a tea leaf reader. You can serve traditional tea party fare such as delicate sandwiches, cupcakes, fruit, and tea in fine china cups, but it will all be much more fun if you have a 'genuine' gypsy there to tell the future in your tea leaves. There are also a lot of organizations that will come out to teach gypsy dancing (or belly dancing, which is very similar) to your party.

When all is said and done, a gypsy wedding shower theme is really just a twist on a tea party, but with a few silly elements that really shake things up. When you're checking out bridal shower theme ideas, know that you can apply these little twists to any wedding shower theme you might find!

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