Wedding Shower Gift Etiquette

According to some experts on wedding etiquette (and who makes this stuff up, anyway?), the wedding shower gift is unique. You see, there's no rule that says you actually have to give someone a wedding or engagement party gift. The shower gift, though, is totally expected.

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Crafty Unique Wedding Shower Gifts

Shopping for unique wedding shower gifts can be a pain in the neck. This is doubly true these days. Long ago, wedding shower gifts were necessities. The bride was usually moving out of her parents' home, and the groom was either a sparse bachelor, living at home, or living in a boarding house.

In other words, the bride and groom had next to nothing. Bridal shower gifts gave the bride a chance to stock up on things like linens, delicate work, and other things deemed necessary to creating her home.

These days, though, people get married later, and most of them have lived alone and already own many of the things we used to give as bridal shower gifts. That can make coming up with unique bridal shower gift ideas all the more difficult.

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Finding Fantastic Wedding Shower Prizes

Arguably, wedding shower prizes are one of the most important parts of a bridal shower. Yes, we know it's all about the bride, and of course she should be the focus. But this is also a party, and the guests who attend will be looking forward to entertainment, food, and... prizes - just as much as they look forward to seeing the bride open her gifts.

With that in mind, prizes for your wedding shower games should be an important part of the planning process, not an afterthought. Here are some tips on how to choose your prizes as well as some suggestions for unique gift ideas.

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Unique Wedding Shower Gifts for Any Woman

As if planning a shower isn't enough, you have to worry about wedding shower gifts. Yes, the bride is registered, and yes, she will definitely appreciate gifts from her registry. But if you're really close to the wedding girl, you might want to give her something a bit more unique -- a bit more clever -- a bit more personal than a toaster.

Fortunately, the Internet is your friend when it comes to bridal shower gifts. You can find so many cool, clever, and interesting gifts online that you won't be able to decide which is best. No one will know how you thought of such unique bridal shower gift ideas, and the bride will remember your contribution for the rest of her life.

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Unique Bridal Shower Gifts: Flaunt Your Creativity!

Stand apart from the crowd and show your creativity with these unique bridal shower gifts.

Unique bridal shower gifts are always fun to give, but they're not always so easy to come up with. That's why Patti the Perfect Party Planner is going to tell you how to give unique bridal shower gifts that any bride-to-be is sure to love.

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Today's Best Bridal Shower Gifts

The best bridal shower gifts being given.

Bridal showers and bridal shower gifts go hand-in-hand, but what exactly do you get the bride to be? If you're one of those people who always wants to be the one giving the perfect gift, you've come to the right place.

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Just Eat It -- Delicious Wedding Favors For Your Guests

Wedding favors that can be eaten as well as visually enjoyed.

If you're having a wedding, you're probably wondering what wedding favors you should hand out to your guests. It's not an uncommon question and luckily it's one I can help you with.

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Not Your Ordinary Bridal Shower Favors

Six unique bridal shower favors that are sure to be a hit.

So you're throwing the ultimate bridal shower and you're just not sure what bridal shower favors to pass out to your guests? Worry not!

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Creative Wedding Shower Favors

Wedding shower favors that are sure to make an impression.

So you're working hard at throwing a great wedding shower and you're just not sure what wedding shower favors to give to your guests?

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Anyone Up For Bridal Shower Gift Shopping?

Perfect bridal shower gift ideas when you just can't figure out what to give.

You have a bridal shower to attend but you just can't figure out what to give as a bridal shower gift? Maybe you don't know the bride very well or maybe you just don't know what she needs. Worse yet, maybe she didn't register at a gift registry, God forbid.

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5 Great Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Three great bridal shower gift ideas that are sure to please.

For some of us bridal shower gift ideas come naturally, for others, it's a mind-wracking nightmare. If you fall into the latter category, you've probably come here looking for some great bridal shower gift ideas to ease your troubled mind.

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