Second Marriage Bridal Showers: Why the Heck Not?

Traditional wedding etiquette takes a uniformly negative stance on second marriage bridal showers. According to the prigs among us, daring to have a bridal shower prior to a second or subsequent wedding is Just Not Done.

Whether you're divorced or widowed, the reasons don't matter. Some guardians of our morals even denounce the practice when it's the bride-to-be's first marriage if the fiancé has been married before.

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Thinking About Throwing Your Own Wedding Shower? Don't Do It!

Whatever you do as your Big Day approaches, don't give more than a second's thought to throwing your own wedding shower.

Now, it's only natural for you to think a lot about the important side events associated with your nuptials, especially the bachelorette party and your bridal shower. But don't try to arrange or host them yourself; that comes across as too controlling. Unlike the wedding, these events aren't yours to plan.

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Barbecue and the Bridal Shower

In the modern era, a bridal shower doesn't have to be the segregated girls-only event that tradition once demanded of us. Nope, coed and couples showers are on the rise... and it's about time, too.

This lets us get back toward the everyone's-invited party atmosphere of the original medieval "bride's ale" celebration.

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The Spa-Themed Bridal Shower

One great thing about events like bridal showers is that they're just so endlessly variable. If you put a little thought into it, you can inject something exciting or unexpected into everything from food to gifts, party games to venue.

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Jazz Up Your Wedding Shower Invitations With Poetry

Let's face it: most wedding shower invitations are pretty ho-hum, humdrum little affairs. Admittedly, they're just pasteboard rectangles that, ultimately, only have to let people know where to go at what time, and possibly what to bring. But who says they can't be fun while doing that?

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Finding Spectacular Wedding Shower Decorations

Planning wedding shower decorations can easily become a last minute hassle. With the shower on the horizon, you've probably planned out the food, the theme, the invitations, the games, the gift... everything absolutely necessary to have a successful party.

So now it's a few days before, and whoops! Your house looks like a plain old house. What on earth can you do? Never fear -- here are some simple, fun, and inexpensive bridal shower decorations that will transform any room into party central.

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Wedding Shower Poems For Cards and More

It's not hard to find great wedding shower poems, but many people never think of it. They gather invitations, decorations, food, and more, but they don't stop to think about wedding shower cards and what sentiments they want to express. For that reason, brides end up with piles of cards that say things like 'best wishes' or 'good luck' -- boring and impersonal concepts!

Wedding shower poems are a great way to express what you really feel. You can do all sorts of things with them, too: use them in your own wedding cards, create posters for decoration, or create favors. There are so many wonderful ways to use poetry to express wedding shower ideas that it's amazing more people don't do it!

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Wedding Shower Ideas for the Perfect Party

You probably already know how much I love coming up with wedding shower ideas. I plan so many showers every year it becomes old hat. I still love it, but sometimes I feel the need to get creative. After all, there's only so many times a person can play pin the tail on the donkey before they start to get bored.

So lately I've been thinking up new and creative bridal shower ideas for the showers coming up this fall, and I thought I would share some of them with you. Enjoy!

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A Tea Party Wedding Shower Theme With a Twist

Deciding on a wedding shower theme is one of the most important steps in the process. The theme dictates everything that follows: invitations, food, decorations, even gifts. When you're looking at shower themes, though, you'll quickly notice that most of them are pretty repetitive. And that can be okay: the important thing is that you focus on the bride. Do that, and everything else will follow.

But if you really want to wow 'em, you'll need more unique wedding shower themes. An easy way to do that is to put a twist on a classic. In this case, take a classic theme -- the standard tea party -- and make it special by adding a magical twist.

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Wedding Shower Quotes for Invitations and More

Wedding shower quotes are good for far more than invitations. Of course, the right quote can quickly and easily liven up any wedding shower invitation, but don't let that kind of thinking limit you. You can also use quotes for place cards, thank you cards and party favors, decorating (especially posters with big, beautiful calligraphy), and even cakes and cupcakes.

Bridal shower quotes usually express exactly what you are thinking but much clearer and more beautifully than you ever could -- or at least, than I ever could! I rely very heavily on wedding shower quotes not only for all the uses I mentioned above, but for inspiration: I've been known to get all kinds of wedding shower ideas from quotes, or even base my entire theme around a single quotation!

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Finding Fantastic Wedding Shower Prizes

Arguably, wedding shower prizes are one of the most important parts of a bridal shower. Yes, we know it's all about the bride, and of course she should be the focus. But this is also a party, and the guests who attend will be looking forward to entertainment, food, and... prizes - just as much as they look forward to seeing the bride open her gifts.

With that in mind, prizes for your wedding shower games should be an important part of the planning process, not an afterthought. Here are some tips on how to choose your prizes as well as some suggestions for unique gift ideas.

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Wedding Websites Provide Fun Wedding Shower Ideas

There are lots of wedding websites out there, but they're mostly for brides. Grooms too, I guess, although let's face it: it's usually the bride doing the planning, browsing hairstyles, and the like.

When we brilliant bridal shower planners hit the web, we're not usually looking for wedding websites. We're looking for wedding shower ideas and websites that detail games, invitations, and themes. But strangely enough, wedding websites can provide exactly the inspiration you need for the perfect bridal showers.

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Wedding Shower Themes are Fun and Easy

If you can't think of original wedding shower themes, go back to childhood with Alice in Wonderland. Sound silly? Well, it is -- in a good way, of course. The bride to be is sure to have fun if there's even a touch of the child left inside of her. Here are some great ideas to make sure your wedding shower games, food, and decorations match the story.

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What's Your Bridal Shower Theme?

While you can always just have people show up at the shower with random gifts, it's a lot more fun to arrange a bridal shower theme well in advance. That way, you can work to ensure that there's as little gift overlap as possible, and besides, themes can be a lot of fun.

After all, a shower is a party, and all good parties should have a theme!

If you've been awarded the honor of arranging a friend's wedding shower (or have taken it upon yourself), here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

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Couples Wedding Showers -- 5 Tips for a Fun Alternative

Is it your turn to host a wedding shower? Are you tired of the same old bridal shower ideas and feel the need to do something a little bit different? If so, you need to make your next wedding shower a couples' shower. With just a few fun changes and by following these tips, your shower will be the bride and groom's favorite.

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Tie-dye or 80's Hair – Bridal Shower Themes Keep Things Interesting

Three bridal shower themes that can really liven up a party.

So you're throwing a bridal shower party and you know you want it to be themed, but you're having a hard time coming up with good bridal shower themes? Once again, Patti the Perfect Party Planner is to the rescue with three great bridal shower themes that can really liven up a party!

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Creative Wedding Shower Ideas

Unique wedding shower ideas to make the wedding shower memorable.

So you're planning a wedding shower and you want it to be memorable, but you really need help coming up with some great wedding shower ideas? Worry not! Patti the perfect party planner is here to help you with your ordeal and with some of the best wedding shower ideas ever.

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Wedding Ideas for the Uncreative

Lacking the creative gene? Even you can plan a great wedding with these creative wedding ideas.

Some of us are born with a creative gene and some of us aren't. Wedding ideas just don't come easily to a number of people. If you're one of those people who is desperately trying to come up with some great wedding ideas but hasn't had any luck, worry not.

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Bridal Shower Ideas: Do What You Love

Did you fall in love with the wedding shower planning process and coming up with bridal shower ideas? Do it for a living!

So, you just got done planning a bridal shower and you realized that coming up with the bridal shower ideas was a blast and you fell in love with the entire process. Well, you know how the saying goes... Do what you love!

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Who Else Wants The Perfect Bridal Shower Decorations?

Five great tips for creating the perfect bridal shower decorations

One of the best things about throwing a bridal shower is the bridal shower decorations. However, the bridal shower decorations can become quite expensive if you buy them all from the store.

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