Bridal Shower Ideas: Do What You Love

Did you fall in love with the wedding shower planning process and coming up with bridal shower ideas? Do it for a living!

So, you just got done planning a bridal shower and you realized that coming up with the bridal shower ideas was a blast and you fell in love with the entire process. Well, you know how the saying goes... Do what you love!

Become a Party Planner

Becoming a party planner will give you the opportunity to come up with bridal shower ideas till your heart's content. And trust me, there are a lot of people out there who can't come up with bridal shower ideas on their own and they're going to want your help.

So how do you get started? Well you already have experience coming up with bridal shower ideas, so now you're going to want to get your business in order and get word out that you're offering your services.

First, figure out what you're going to charge. Call some party planners in your area and see what they're charging for their services. Since you're new to the game, you're going to want to offer a small discount off of their prices in order to bring in business and build up a referral base.

Once you have your prices established, come up with a business name that references bridal shower ideas. This way people will know just by looking at your business name exactly what it is you do.

Once you have your pricing and your business name set up, let people know that you're there so they can hire you to help them with their bridal shower ideas. Make up some flyers and business cards and take out an ad in the local paper.

You can even set up a website advertising your bridal shower ideas business online.

When the phone rings for the first time, let your enthusiasm for planning bridal showers and coming up with bridal shower ideas shine through in your voice. If you sound confident and excited, the potential client will be confident and excited.

After you get your first client and you complete your first job, ask for a testimonial and then add that testimonial to your advertising literature.

If people see that other people have used you and were thrilled with your bridal shower ideas, they'll be more likely to hire you for the job.

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