Bridal Shower Party Supplies: What You Need and Where to Get It

Exactly what you need to throw a great bridal shower and where to get it.

So you're throwing a bridal shower party and you're not exactly sure what bridal shower party supplies you need? You've come to the right place!

Patti the Perfect Party Planner is here to let you know exactly what bridal shower party supplies you're going to need in order to throw a great party.


The first thing on your list of bridal shower party supplies is going to be your invitations. You're throwing a party so you're obviously inviting people and to do that, you need invitations.

You can purchase your invitations from a professional printer, at a local party supply store or you can even make your invitations yourself. What you do is completely up to you and depends on your personal preferences and your budget.


A party isn't a party without great food being served to the guests. You're going to want to plan your menu in advance and then make an ingredients list to add to your list of bridal shower party supplies.

If you're making the food yourself, you'll want to start preparing the day before the bridal shower so you won't be rushing around like a madwoman at the last minute.

Place Settings

No one can eat your food without place settings so those are next on our bridal shower party supplies list. Unless the bridal shower is a formal event, disposable place settings are probably more cost-effective and will make for easy clean-up at the end of the party.

If you are going to go with disposable place settings, try going to a discount card and party outlet rather than an expensive party supply store.

Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower games should also be included on your list of bridal shower party supplies. Prepared games like bridal bingo, pin the veil on the bride and other bridal shower games can all be purchased at party supply stores or on the Internet.

Party Favors

Of course, no bridal shower party supplies list is complete without the party favors. You need something to give to your guests at the end of the party so party favors are an absolute must.

Clean-Up Supplies

No one wants to think about it, but clean-up supplies are an absolute must when shopping for your bridal shower party supplies. Garbage bags and paper towels may not be fun or romantic, but you'll be lost without them when it's time to clean up at the end of the day!

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