Couples Wedding Showers -- 5 Tips for a Fun Alternative

Host couple wedding showers for a rocking good time!

Is it your turn to host a wedding shower? Are you tired of the same old bridal shower ideas and feel the need to do something a little bit different? If so, you need to make your next wedding shower a couples' shower. With just a few fun changes and by following these tips, your shower will be the bride and groom's favorite.

Tip #1 -- Get Couple Input

When you're hosting a shower for only the bride-to-be, you only have to worry about the date being convenient for her. With a couples' shower, you need to find a time that's not only good for the bride but the groom also.

You also need to talk to them about when most of their 'couple' friends can attend. While traditional showers tend to be Saturday brunches or Sunday after showers, couples like to do things on Friday and Saturday night. Suggest one of these times to see what suits the couple best.

Tip #2 -- Food

Champagne punch, cucumber sandwiches and other 'dainties' are great for all-women showers. But, when it comes to hosting couple showers, you need to keep the guys in mind - think robust and hearty.

During warm months, BBQs or cookouts are always a good idea. For colder months, consider a chili supper or Mexican buffet with all the fixings.

Tip #3 -- Location, Location, Location

Quiet, formal showers are great for women, but this idea probably won't fly with the guys. A backyard, park, or restaurant is more fitting for a couples' shower. This gives everyone room to mix and mingle and takes away the formal atmosphere.

Tip #4 -- Gifts

Men aren't real big on sitting around and watching the opening of gifts. Instead, try a gift display. Appoint one of your helpers or a co-hostess to take gifts as the couples arrive. Have this person open the gifts and display them in a prominent place where all guests can see them at some time during the shower.

Tip #5 -- Entertainment

While your bride and groom should be the main attraction of the shower, consider playing couples games or schedule the shower during a sporting event that most of the men would enjoy. Nix the traditional wedding shower games you play at bridal shower and think of something that will appeal to both sexes.

Hosting couple wedding shower is a fun alternative to traditional bridal showers. The next time it's your turn to host a shower, consider this idea for a change of pace. Follow these tips and get ready to have a blast at your couples' wedding shower.

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