Crafty Unique Wedding Shower Gifts

Create Unique Wedding Shower Gifts All Brides Will Treasure

Shopping for unique wedding shower gifts can be a pain in the neck. This is doubly true these days. Long ago, wedding shower gifts were necessities. The bride was usually moving out of her parents' home, and the groom was either a sparse bachelor, living at home, or living in a boarding house.

In other words, the bride and groom had next to nothing. Bridal shower gifts gave the bride a chance to stock up on things like linens, delicate work, and other things deemed necessary to creating her home.

These days, though, people get married later, and most of them have lived alone and already own many of the things we used to give as bridal shower gifts. That can make coming up with unique bridal shower gift ideas all the more difficult.

Crafting unique wedding shower gifts

Of course, many brides use the shower as a chance to upgrade things they need. If you want to give them a really meaningful and unique gift, though, a group crafted gift can be an incredible idea.

What does that mean, and how do you do it? Long ago, some women would create special patchwork quilts to say goodbye to their friends' bachelorette days. Each woman would create one square for the quilt and someone would sew it together for the bride.

You can revive this unique tradition in a variety of ways. Obviously, there's one big problem: back in the day, pretty much every woman knew how to sew, knit, and crochet. Today, many of your friends may lack those skills. Still, there are great ways to allow every woman to contribute.

1. Take a survey of your crafty friends and see who would be willing to contribute by helping less crafty individuals learn or hiring out their services. Don't limit yourself to quilts, either: if your friends knit, create an afghan. If there are many different talents, create some smaller items.

2. Encourage less crafty friends to be creative by offering up specific fabrics: T-shirts from girl's weekends they took with the bride, or a square from a worn out piece of clothing they received as a gift from the bride -- anything that makes it special and memorable.

3. Hire someone to create this special gift. Go in on paying for this together as a group. Make sure to explain what your vision is to both the professional creating the gift, and the friends and family who will be contributing the materials to be used in the gift.

A gift like this is a gift from the heart, something the bride will treasure as a special memento from all of her dear friends and family. If you go this way, rest assured that you will create the most unique wedding shower gifts of all time.

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