Creative Wedding Shower Favors

Wedding shower favors that are sure to make an impression.

So you're working hard at throwing a great wedding shower and you're just not sure what wedding shower favors to give to your guests?

I'm Patty the Perfect Party Planner and I'm here with the answers to your party planning questions, including the question of which wedding shower favors to give to your guests. Here's a list of wedding shower favors that are sure to please your guests.

Personalized Lollipops

Many wedding shower supply stores have personalized lollipops available. If you can't find personalized pops at your party supply store, you can definitely find them online.

Simply search the web for ''personalized wedding shower lollipops'' and see what options are available. Lollipops that have the name of the bride and the date of the wedding shower are sure to be a hit.

Personalized Candy Bars

Personalized candy bars are always a hit when it comes to wedding shower favors. Not only are they creative wedding shower favors, but they taste great too.

You can have a professional prepare your personalized candy bars for you or you can make them yourself. Simply download one of the many available candy bar wrapper templates from the Internet and glue them to Hershey candy bars.

Individually Wrapped Mints

Individually wrapped mints are yummy treats that are great to give as wedding shower favors. Especially when you're planning your wedding shower on a budget. You can get the mint wrappers personalized or you can just purchase pre-packaged mints with pretty designs on the wrapper.

Hand Lotion

Little bottles of hand lotion personalized with a cute saying and the date of the wedding shower make great wedding shower favors. Not only are they cute, the guests will make good use of them too!

Bath Salts

Every woman loves bath salts. Especially aromatherapy ones that will soothe away the stress at the end of a day. What better time to hand them out than at a wedding shower? Not only do they smell good, but they make great wedding shower favors too!

Wedding Shower Cookies

If you're on a budget and you want to give a tasty treat, wedding shower cookies are sure to be a hit. Look for cookie cutters shaped like hearts, bells and wedding cakes. After baking the wedding shower favors, allow them to cool and decorate them with icing.

No matter what you decide to give to your guests as wedding shower favors, if given with care and thought the wedding shower favors are sure to be appreciated.

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