Creative Wedding Shower Ideas

Unique wedding shower ideas to make the wedding shower memorable.

So you're planning a wedding shower and you want it to be memorable, but you really need help coming up with some great wedding shower ideas? Worry not! Patti the perfect party planner is here to help you with your ordeal and with some of the best wedding shower ideas ever.

Try On a Theme

Themed parties are always a blast and they make one of the best wedding shower ideas. Costumes give people the opportunity to be creative and great costumes always break the ice. After all, it's a lot easier to talk to Wonder Woman or Super Girl than it is to talk to your ex-boyfriend's mother-in-law.

If you're going to go for a themed party, make sure that you note that costumes are required (or optional) in the bridal shower invitation and have your friends help you come up with some wedding shower ideas as to what the theme will be. Hippie themes are always popular as are romantic themes.

Serve Great Food

Of course one of the essential wedding shower ideas is what food you're going to be serving. If you don't serve good food, you might as well not throw a party at all.

Everyone looks forward to a good menu when it comes to parties, and wedding showers are no different. Try a wide variety of dishes including sweets, sours and salties.

Play Great Games

When it comes to wedding shower ideas, games are not far to follow. There are literally dozens of wedding shower games to choose from including pin the veil on the bride, bridal bingo, collage games and memory games. The choices are endless.

Don't Forget the Entertainment

You're going to want more entertainment than just playing games and opening presents when you're coming up with your great wedding shower ideas. Hire some live entertainment as well.

It's becoming increasingly common to hire stand-up comedians for parties and wedding showers are no different. If comedians aren't your thing, try a band or a DJ. Who says you need boys at the party in order to dance!

Make It a Unisex Party

Gone are the days when only girls were allowed to the wedding shower. One of the more recent wedding shower ideas is to allow men to attend the shower as well. Just let everyone know that dates are allowed and make sure that you invite the groom!

Just a little creativity and a bit of thought will go a long way when planning a wedding shower. When it comes to wedding shower ideas, the possibilities are literally endless.

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