Do-It-Yourself Party Favors

Three great wedding shower party favors you can create yourself.

Party favors are one of my favorite topics when it comes to planning wedding showers -- and wedding showers are my forte. After all, they don't call me Patti the Perfect Party Planner for nothing!

Great Wedding Shower Party Favors

The best thing about party favors is that they don't have to cost you a lot of dough. You can even make the party favors yourself if you have a bit of a creative streak.

If you're not that creative, don't worry. Patti the Perfect Party Planner has three great party favor ideas that you can use. These party favor ideas are fun and really easy to make once you get the hang of it.

Customized HERSHEY Bars

These candy bars are becoming the rage when it comes to party favors. By simply printing some labels out on your computer and gluing them around a HERSHEY bar, you can have customized party favors in no time.

Simply search the web for candy bar wrapper templates for your party favors and download one to your PC. Fill in the appropriate information and then print out the wrappers on your printer.

You will probably need to cut the wrappers down to size after printing. Then use a hot glue gun to glue the wrappers around HERSHEY bars and store them someplace cool and dry until you're ready to pass out your attractive party favors.

Did You Know: Some companies charge $2 to $3 to create personalized candy bar wrappers for you? You can save big money on your party favors by creating them yourself!

Cheesecloth Kisses

Cheesecloth kisses are a soft and tasty treat to give to your guests as party favors. Simply cut some pieces of cheesecloth into 6 inch by 6 inch squares and place 7 to 8 Hershey kisses on the cheesecloth. Fold up the ends and twist the top of the cloth once, like you would if you were closing a bag of bread. Then tie off the cheesecloth baggie with a fancy ribbon and tie a customized note tag to the ribbon.

Candles Votives

Almost everyone loves candles so giving them as party favors just makes sense. If you're a little adventurous when it comes to crafts, this is a great party favor project for you. First you will want to buy some votives in glass.

Once you have purchased your candles, go to the craft store and pick up a glass etching kit. Follow the instructions included with your glass etching kit and etch a personalized message onto the glass votive. Then take a fabric ribbon and wrap it around the votive and tie a bow at the top. Then attach a personalized tag to the bow.

The candles will make beautiful party favors and if you'd like, you can even get scented candles to add to the appeal.

Wedding showers are an age-old tradition and the party favors are a big part of that tradition, so getting it right is important. With a little effort your hand-made party favors should be a big hit and everyone at the party will appreciate them.

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