Finding Perfect Wedding Shower Ideas

Don't get stuck -- figure out your wedding shower ideas before it's too late!

Many people have trouble coming up with wedding shower ideas. It's difficult because the wedding shower is supposed to be a special time to celebrate the bride. It shouldn't be about the party -- but of course, you want everyone to have fun. It shouldn't be about the gifts -- but of course, it is on some level. And it shouldn't be about you -- but of course, everyone expects you to come up with the ideas and put it together!

Planning wedding shower themes and activities can be an overwhelming task, so it's best to start early and break it into small manageable steps -- as we have for you in this guide!

Perfect bridal shower ideas

If you follow these steps, you won't have any trouble coming up with the perfect bridal shower.

1. Set a date -- one that the bride and most of her friends and family agree with. It's amazing how many people forget to check with the bride before they set a date. Choose two or three dates that work for you and ask the bride which one she prefers.

2. Once you have a date, you have a deadline. Don't panic! Sit down and make a list of things you know about the bride: everything from her favorite color to her favorite sports, activities, hobbies, movies, and books.

3. Use your list to come up with wedding shower theme ideas. Do you have to have a theme? No -- but it's going to make your life a lot easier. A theme makes it simple to decide on decorations, food, and activities, because instead of choosing from thousands of possibilities, you know exactly what you're looking for.

Choosing a theme doesn't have to be difficult, either. You know what the bride likes, so run with that. Who cares if it's conventional? Whether it's a 'bells and lace' theme or a Twilight theme, start with the assumption that all wedding shower themes are created equal.

4. Now that you have a theme -- use it! The best bridal shower ideas come out of simple, expansive themes. Even if your theme is a color, that's going to make choosing invitations, decorations, and even food much easier.

5. Delegate. You do NOT want to get stuck cooking for a solid week to provide refreshments. Get friends to help by bringing simple dishes and organizing invitations and decorations.

6. Get the invitations out early, and assume at least half the guests won't bother to RSVP. It's annoying, but it's an unfortunate fact: you're probably going to have to hunt them down. At any rate, assume a few more guests will arrive than you anticipate -- that way, you're sure to have enough of everything.

If you follow these simple steps, planning a bridal shower isn't really that hard. Just use the bride and her tastes as your guide, and you'll quickly find wedding shower ideas all over the place.

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