Finding Spectacular Wedding Shower Decorations

Never Get Stuck On Wedding Shower Decorations Again!

Planning wedding shower decorations can easily become a last minute hassle. With the shower on the horizon, you've probably planned out the food, the theme, the invitations, the games, the gift... everything absolutely necessary to have a successful party.

So now it's a few days before, and whoops! Your house looks like a plain old house. What on earth can you do? Never fear -- here are some simple, fun, and inexpensive bridal shower decorations that will transform any room into party central.

Wedding shower planning for decorations

From the simple to the over-the-top fantastic, here are amazing bridal shower decorations for any theme.

1. Balloons

Balloons always add a festive feel to any occasion. They may make you think of a child's birthday party, but actually, balloons can be quite classy if they're monochromatic, or if you go with colors like black and silver (or maybe the wedding colors).

2. Streamers

You can do a lot with streamers -- especially combined with balloons or a few storebought decorations. Organize your streamers to draw attention to a focal point where you group a foldout bell, cluster of balloons, or even a photo of the happy couple.

3. Flowers

Depending on the season, you may be able to run outside, cut a bunch of fresh flowers, and create beautiful bouquets to spread around your home. You can also gather less predictable decorations from the yard: sticks tied with ribbon, pretty wildgrasses, or even weeds (a bouquet of dandelions can look surprisingly festive).

4. Thematic decorations

When planning wedding showers, most people have a theme. Depending on yours, you may have fantastic decorations hanging around the house. Is your wedding shower a tea party? Ask friends to bring their favorite teapots and teacups and spread them around as d├ęcor. Make a garland of teabags and ribbon. Unless your theme is quite obscure, chances are you'll have something around you can use for decoration.

5. Food

If your food looks amazing, go ahead and let it steal the show. There's no reason you can't let your food double as decoration -- as long as it really does stand on its own. If not, or if you just want to add a few finishing touches, use a fancy tablecloth and spread it with a few flower petals or some confetti.

6. Paper

Paper can actually create some fairly surprising decorations. Look up how to make things like fancy snowflakes (much more than just cutting shapes out of folded paper), paper cutouts, and other unique ideas. You won't believe the bridal shower decorations you can accomplish with nothing but some scissors and construction paper.

As you can see, wedding shower decorations don't have to be expensive, complicated, or involved to look good. Use your imagination and creativity, and you can come up with beautiful wedding shower decorations with nothing more than the supplies in your own home.

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