Flower Power: A Unique Bridal Shower Theme

Looking for a unique bridal shower theme? Why not go for a flower shower?

Flowers are a big part of most weddings, so why not incorporate them into your next bridal shower, too? I don't mean rose petals and nosegays, although you can include them if you like; what I mean is actual flowering plants that the bride-to-be can use to decorate her home and garden.

A living plant is much more long-term than a bridal bouquet or a boutonnière -- in fact, it's something the bride can enjoy for years after the cut flowers have withered.


There are numerous ways you can set up a "flower shower," so let imagination be your guide -- within the boundaries of reality, of course. It's not a good idea, for example, to ask the guests to bring tropical flowers if the party's taking place in Alaska.

In a similar vein, you don't want to hold a flower shower if the new couple plans to move away after the wedding. Potted plants would just get in the way of the move, and might end up being given away or left behind, which isn't what you're going for here. You don't want your gifts to become nuisances.

A Few Suggestions

Check with the bride to make sure she's not planning to relocate too far away, and actually likes plants; then, be careful about the plants you and your guests select. I recommend you compile and circulate a list of suitable plants, based on a conversation with a local nursery employee or agricultural extension agent.

The Party Itself

It's up to you on how you integrate the floral theme into the wedding shower. You may simply want to add the flowers as an adjunct to the main gifting event -- a little lagniappe, if you will.

If you want to take it a little farther than that, you can also do a little research, coordinate who buys what, and compile a graphic representation of a flower garden containing the selections that the recipient can construct at her leisure.

If you and your fellow guests are really into it, and you know your friend won't be moving soon, you can arrange to spend some of the party time actually creating that garden yourself. In that case, you'll need to bring some shovels and watering cans along with the flowers and other potted plants.

In fact, you can add those tools as extra gifts, if you like.

The Bottom Line

No matter how you structure it, a flower shower can be great fun. It doesn't have to cost much; most nursery plants and garden tools are relatively cheap. And while it's not a traditional theme, that's just what makes this kind of bridal shower stand out above the ordinary.

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