Free Invitations For your Bridal Shower!

How and where to find free invitations for your bridal shower.

Every great bridal shower starts will great invitations, and if you're planning your shower on a budget or if you just want to save some dough free invitations sound like a great idea. But where do you go for free invitations?

When it comes to finding free invitations for your bridal shower, you need to be a little creative. After all, good things come to those who are willing to work for them. If you're looking for free invitations for your bridal shower, try these ideas.

Make Them Yourself

Making your free invitations yourself can be both fun and rewarding. You can go to any craft supply store or even some office supply stores to find supplies to make your bridal shower invitations.

Construction paper or invitation paper, a hot glue gun and calligraphy markers are pretty much the essentials when making your own invitations. While the supplies aren't free, they won't cost too much and you'll have them on hand for future projects.

Surf the Web

There's a plethora of invitation templates available on the Web, all you have to do is search for them. Perform a search for ''download free invitations for bridal showers'' and you should get quite a bit of results returned to you.

Simply download the templates for the free invitations, customize them on your computer and print them out on your computer.

If you really want the invitations to be free and you don't want to pay for paper and ink, you can email the free invitations to the invitees.

Make a Party Out Of It

If you like the idea of making the invitations yourself but you don't want to make all of them all by your lonesome, enlist the help of the bridal party or other friends. Plan a party night where you and your friends will all make the free invitations and mail them out the next morning.

Enlist School Children

Young school children are always working on craft projects. If you don't mind your free invitations having an elementary look to them, ask the art teacher at the local school if he or she would be interested in working on your bridal shower invitations as the next art project.

You'd be surprised at how many teachers are willing to help out with your bridal shower project.

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