Free Wedding Shower Games: Keep the Party Rolling

Free wedding shower games every party planner should know about

If you're planning a wedding shower, entertainment can be free with these free bridal shower games. These free bridal shower games won't just break the ice, they'll keep the party rolling and will keep guests entertained for hours.

I'm Patti the Perfect Party Planner and everyone knows I love a great party. Every great bridal shower I've ever been at has featured a number of great bridal shower games. These free bridal shower games are some of my favorites.

Famous Couple Charades

Famous couple charades is one of the most popular free wedding shower games to play. To prepare for the game, write down the names of famous couples, either from the current day and age or famous couples of the past. In this game, you separate the guests into teams.

Each team chooses a person from that team who is going to be acting out the charade. The person chosen then chooses a couple from the list of names you prepared and acts out one or both of the names and then the teams take turns guessing who the couple is. The team to guess correctly first wins that round.

Pin the Bouquet on the Bride

Pin the bouquet on the bride is truly one of the most fun free bridal shower games you can play. In this game, each player decorates their own bouquet.

When everyone has decorated their bouquets, they take turns trying to tape the bouquet to a picture of a bride while blindfolded. The person who pins their bouquet closest to the bride wins.

Bridal Shower Trivia

Bridal shower trivia isn't just one of the more entertaining free bridal shower games, it will also teach guests some things they didn't know about the bride.

To prepare for this game, you'll prepare trivia questions. Some sample trivia questions are below:

What year did the bride graduate high school?

Who was the bride's first kiss?

How many siblings does the bride have?

The guests then try to answer as many questions correctly as they can. The guest to answer the most questions correctly wins the game.

When you play these free bridal shower games you'll get a whole lot of laughs and entertainment for the entire party. The saying you get what you pay for doesn't apply to these free bridal shower games!

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