Here's a Fun Idea: a Wedding Shower Luau

If you're hunting for a bridal shower theme, try the ever-popular wedding shower luau

One of our favorite bridal shower themes is the wedding shower luau. There's just so much you can do with a Hawaiian theme -- everything from the food to the music to the dancing can add to the fun!

Where do we start?

Simple enough: the clothing, which is officially (in Hawaii) known as Aloha attire. Most people have what Ray Stevens once called a "Hye-wye-yan flowerdy shirt" in their closet; and even if you don't, you can get one just about anywhere. If you look hard enough, you might even be able to find a cute little Aloha dress.

Just let people know what to wear, and greet everyone at the door with a lei (so, yes, they can say they "got lei'd" today). You can buy cheap plastic leis for very little at a party supply store.

And here's a fun little game to play: when they arrive and get lei'd, warn them that they can't say "wedding." If they do, the person who catches them at it gets their lei. At the end of the wedding shower, the person who has the most leis wins a prize!


The food and drinks should be Hawaiian luau food: poi (if you can get it), coconut, huli-huli chicken, banana cake, long rice, and haupia (a kind of coconut pudding). And don't forget the roast pork. You don't have to cook it in a hole in the ground like Hawaiians do, though; a barbecue grill is fine.

For drinks, you can go with fruit juices, coconut milk (watch out, it's a bit rich), and of course tropical drinks. Delicious!


You don't need to hire hula dancers (although of course you can if you want), but at the very least you should find someone to teach you and your guests some basic hula dancing moves. Then get out on the floor and have fun!

Here's the piece de resistance, a real honest-and-for-true gift and a half: if you and your buddies can afford to, pass the hat around and buy the bride-to-be and her fiancé tickets to Hawaii. They can be had for as little as $700 each, possibly less if you look really hard.

Oh, it's not necessary, but it'll be fun if it can be done. You don't have to pay for anything but the tickets; let them take it from there. You can be sure that that kind of gift will definitely make for a wedding shower luau to remember!

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