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It's true that planning wedding showers can be overwhelming, but I'm more than happy to take you by the hand to show you the ins and outs and different ways to make wedding shower planning a piece of cake!

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What You'll Find at Piece Of Cake Wedding Showers

In addition to finding great tips and secrets on how to make planning wedding showers easy, fun, and affordable, you'll discover today's hottest wedding shower trends, wedding shower etiquette and awesome recipes for your wedding shower treats.

I'll be sharing my secret recipes with you and will also be giving you craft tips and ideas to make your wedding shower stand apart from other wedding showers. Plus I'll be showing you much, much more! So take a look around, and together we'll make your wedding showers a huge success...

African-American Wedding Shower Ideas

If you're planning a pre-nuptial party for a blushing bride of color, have you considered an African-American wedding shower theme? Black Americans enjoy a vibrant culture, with elements stemming not just from European tradition, but also from great Mother Africa herself.

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Second Marriage Bridal Showers: Why the Heck Not?

Traditional wedding etiquette takes a uniformly negative stance on second marriage bridal showers. According to the prigs among us, daring to have a bridal shower prior to a second or subsequent wedding is Just Not Done.

Whether you're divorced or widowed, the reasons don't matter. Some guardians of our morals even denounce the practice when it's the bride-to-be's first marriage if the fiancé has been married before.

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Forget the Wine and Cheese -- Have a Chocolate Tasting Shower Instead!

When it comes to themed bridal showers, the wine and cheese tasting crowd has its adherents; but I say, why bother with spoiled grape juice and rotten milk when you can have a chocolate tasting shower instead? As we all know, chocolate is to human food as ambrosia was to the Greek gods' standard fare.

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Thinking About Throwing Your Own Wedding Shower? Don't Do It!

Whatever you do as your Big Day approaches, don't give more than a second's thought to throwing your own wedding shower.

Now, it's only natural for you to think a lot about the important side events associated with your nuptials, especially the bachelorette party and your bridal shower. But don't try to arrange or host them yourself; that comes across as too controlling. Unlike the wedding, these events aren't yours to plan.

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Wedding Shower Gift Etiquette

According to some experts on wedding etiquette (and who makes this stuff up, anyway?), the wedding shower gift is unique. You see, there's no rule that says you actually have to give someone a wedding or engagement party gift. The shower gift, though, is totally expected.

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A Cheesy But Fun Wedding Shower Idea

When it comes to wedding showers, there tends to be little variance in terms of venue. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd bet that the last shower you attended was pretty much like the one before that, which was like the one before that, and so on.

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Barbecue and the Bridal Shower

In the modern era, a bridal shower doesn't have to be the segregated girls-only event that tradition once demanded of us. Nope, coed and couples showers are on the rise... and it's about time, too.

This lets us get back toward the everyone's-invited party atmosphere of the original medieval "bride's ale" celebration.

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The Spa-Themed Bridal Shower

One great thing about events like bridal showers is that they're just so endlessly variable. If you put a little thought into it, you can inject something exciting or unexpected into everything from food to gifts, party games to venue.

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The Beach Wedding Shower

Envision, if you will, the ambience of a beach wedding shower. A tropical drink melting in your hand (a la The Beach Boys), the roar of the surf, the crunch of sand beneath your toes, the scent of salt in the air, the sparkle of sunlight on the breaking waves...

Now, imagine that, instead, you're just sitting in your living room watching your buddy open gifts. Doesn't really compare, does it?

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Your Responsibilities as a Bridal Shower Hostess

So, let's say you've been drafted to be the bridal shower hostess for one of your friends. Um, yay? This duty usually falls to the maid/matron of honor, who's already oh-my-God busy with other wedding preparations. Sometimes, the lucky mother of the bride gets to do it.

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