Let's Get This Party Started: Bridal Shower Game Ideas

Bridal shower game ideas to make any party a blast.

Bridal shower games are always fun and coming up with the bridal shower game ideas is half of the enjoyment of planning a bridal shower party.

In case you need help turning up some great bridal shower game ideas, Patti the Perfect Party Planner is here to help you with some bridal shower game ideas that are sure to make any party a hit.

How Many Are There?

How Many Are There is one of the easiest bridal shower game ideas to play. Buy a see-through container and fill it up with M&Ms. Count how many pieces are in there when filling it up.

At the beginning of the party, pass the container around and have the guests guess how many pieces of candy are in the container. The guest who guesses the number closest to the number of M&Ms in the container wins a prize.

What Is It?

What Is It? is one of the oldest bridal shower game ideas out there and it's also one of the most fun.

For this game put some common items inside paper bags. Place one item in each bag and pas the bags around so the guests can feel the items. Each guest is allowed about 10 seconds to feel each item and then they must pass the bag on to the next guest.

Each time the guest feels an item in the bag have them write down what they think the item is. The guest who has the most correct answers at the end of the game wins.

Safety Pin

Safety pin is one of the more challenging of the bridal shower game ideas. For this game you'll need a bag of rice, some safety pins and a blind fold.

To start the game, fill a mixing bowl half full with long-grain rice and mix in about 25 to 30 small safety pins. Blindfold each person and have them try to grab as many pins as they can in a 30-second time frame. The person who grabs the most safety pins in 30 seconds wins.

Trust me, this bridal shower game idea is harder than it sounds!

With these bridal shower game ideas, your party is sure to be a big hit. Bridal shower game ideas can keep your party rolling for hours!

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