Medieval Weddings Make A Unique Wedding Shower Theme

Try something fun and new for your wedding shower theme!

Many people choose a wedding shower theme to match the wedding theme. Themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular, especially medieval weddings, so if the bride is planning a medieval wedding you can imagine how much fun you could have with a medieval wedding shower theme.

But what if she isn't? Great news: it doesn't matter! Finding unique bridal shower themes is difficult enough without following arbitrary rules. No one ever said the shower and wedding themes had to match, and if the bride doesn't have a theme for her wedding, so much the better -- maybe you'll help her find one!

Medieval wedding shower ideas

When planning this most creative of unique bridal shower themes, you have a lot of creative freedom. However, there are some ideas that will help your wedding shower seem like a professionally planned event.

1. Invitations

Use calligraphy or a calligraphic font on your invitations. You might begin with the traditional Hear ye, Hear ye! for a classic touch. If you want guests to come in costume (always a fun touch), give them enough time to plan and purchase their outfit.

2. Gifts

Traditional medieval wedding showers involved guests bringing wooden kitchen utensils and tools for the bride and groom. Invite guests to do exactly that (they don't have to be wooden) as an extra gift for the bride.

3. Music

Check out some of the great wedding shower theme music you can find online. Check out iTunes and download movie soundtracks or modern takes on medieval songs, such as the Medieval Baebes or Loreena McKennit.

4. Food

If you're going for tradition, make everyone eat without modern-day utensils! Serve lots of fresh fruit and cheese, and thick soup or stew with crusty bread. You can serve drinks in goblets -- hit your local thrift store and you'll be surprised what you come up with. These can make great gifts for the bride, too.

5. Decorating

Decorating is easy for a medieval theme. You can go simple (lots of candles and flowers) or ornate (design banners or borrow tapestries to hang around the room). If you really want to go all out, use someone's unfinished basement to mimic a medieval castle.

6. Games and Entertainment

You can look up wedding shower ideas and give any modern game a medieval twist. Pin the Tail on the Donkey becomes Pin the Flag on the Castle. Alternatively, hire a court jester (clowns or jugglers, or even dancers) to put on a show.

7. Party favors

Again, easier than it sounds! Gold covered chocolate coins have a medieval feel. You can create scrolls thanking gifts for attending and tie them with ribbon and scatter a few coins around. Jars of homemade preserves or honey are also very fitting gifts.

Above all, have fun! A medieval shower is the perfect wedding shower theme for almost any bride.

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