A Quilt-Themed Wedding Shower

There's nothing quite like a good patchwork quilt, stitched together with love. All the various pieces, despite their differences, come together to form a warm, comfortable whole that just feels safer and more soothing than a mere blanket.

Many of us have fond memories of such quilts, often because they represent a gift of love and labor from someone we care about.

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For the Boys: The Rise of Men's Wedding Showers

As a party planner, I often get shocked looks when I mention the possibility of throwing men's wedding showers. Many people don't see the point. But I ask you: why should we girls have all the fun?

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Kids at a Wedding Shower: Yes or No?

Should you allow kids to attend a wedding shower? That's a good question, actually; the etiquette can get somewhat delicate. Some people will automatically say no: that a child's presence isn't appropriate at what they perceive as an adult event, and that even considering it is the epitome of bad taste.

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The History of the Bridal Shower

Now, you may perceive a bridal shower mostly as a handy reason to celebrate the upcoming nuptials and tease the bride. It's all that, sure; but look deeper, and you'll discover some practical reasons for such an event. Knowing these can help you can add a few interesting touches to the festivities!

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Money Saving Tips for Wedding Shower Flowers

Wedding showers are something the bride-to-be looks forward to, not quite, but almost as much as the wedding day itself. To plan a wedding shower that she'll always remember it's important to pay attention to details. One of those very important details is the bridal shower flowers. Many hostesses try to skimp on flowers thinking it will add too much to the budget, but it doesn't have to be that way. Here's how to have beautiful flowers at the wedding shower without blowing the budget.

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A Rose By Any Other Name -- Perfect Wedding Flowers For The Big Day

Which wedding flowers are right for your wedding?

If there's one thing that every single wedding has, it's wedding flowers. Wedding flowers run the gambit -- from bouquets to boutonnieres, it can be an overwhelming process deciding which wedding flowers to have at your wedding.

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