Money Saving Tips for Wedding Shower Flowers

Make a splash with flowers at your next wedding shower

Wedding showers are something the bride-to-be looks forward to, not quite, but almost as much as the wedding day itself. To plan a wedding shower that she'll always remember it's important to pay attention to details. One of those very important details is the bridal shower flowers. Many hostesses try to skimp on flowers thinking it will add too much to the budget, but it doesn't have to be that way. Here's how to have beautiful flowers at the wedding shower without blowing the budget.

Money Saving Tips for Wedding Shower Flowers

Tip #1 -- Choose In-season Flowers

Many people overlook this tip, but it is the #1 tip that helps you save money while still being able to decorate beautifully. Your bride-to-be most likely has her colors chosen and the particular flowers she's using for the wedding, but if these aren't in season at the moment, choose a same-color flower that is.

Flowers have seasons just like the fruits and veggies you buy at the grocery store. You can really save on flowers by choosing those that are in season. If your bride-to-be has her heart set on a particular flower that's not in season, buy just a few blooms and use them as accents in your arrangements.

Tip #2 -- Go Wholesale

If you live in a large city, you should be able to find a wholesale florist who will be more than happy to sell you flowers. If you can't find a wholesale florist, ask your local flower shop if they'll let you order a quantity of a single type of flower and arrange them yourself. Arrangements made solely with one flower are absolutely stunning and aren't difficult to arrange.

Tip #3 -- Coordinate Flowers and Décor

Flowers make a bigger impact when they coordinate with the rest of your décor. This coordination makes everything flow seamlessly and you get more bang for your buck with your flower choices.

Tip #4 -- Make Flower-scapes

One measly arrangement won't make much impact, but if that's all that's in the budget, that's fine. Work to play up that arrangement with other items. Make a flower-scape with your arrangement and use other vases, water bowls, watering cans, etc. Add in these other elements and make a table-scape putting your items and flower arrangement at different heights.

Tip #5 -- Go Big

If you don't have a lot of money in the budget for flowers, it's best to use what you have to make one large flower arrangement that's the focal point of the food table. One spectacular arrangement will make an impression whereas several small arrangements will go unnoticed.

Most hostesses overlook flowers, considering them impractical, but they add a finishing touch to wedding showers. With these tips in mind, begin several months before the shower and get ideas for arrangements, table-scapes, and flower arranging tips. When it's time for the big day of the wedding shower, you'll be ready with all the details for one impressive shower.

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