No Boys Allowed At The Bridal Shower -- Or Are They?

The benefits of the growing trend of having both bride and groom at the bridal shower.

Having men attend the bridal shower used to be a big taboo, but nowadays more and more bridal showers are becoming unisex affairs. Why are so many men deciding to attend their bridal shower and why are so many brides allowing it?

Times Change

Whereas the wedding once used to be mainly controlled by the women in the family, men are taking a more active role in today's day and age. As such, they are also becoming an increasing part of the bridal shower.

After all, their time and effort is also going into planning the wedding, they should reap the rewards as well.

The Etiquette of It

If the groom is going to be attending the bridal shower, it is only fair to open the party up to all couples. It would like a little strange if the groom was allowed at the bridal shower but he was the only male invited. Not to mention, he'd probably feel a little uncomfortable being the only male around so many ladies!

The invitations are another thing to consider. Make sure that they clearly state that this is a co-ed bridal shower and if children are going to be invited, make sure the invitations note that all gifts should be family friendly.

Toning It Down

With men and women attending the bridal shower, it's important to keep the atmosphere co-ed as well as the invite list.

Women-only bridal showers used to be fancy and frilly, full of lace and bows. With men attending the showers, that's no longer the case. Some bridal showers consist of nothing more than a BBQ in the backyard while others are hosted at fancy restaurants.

No Boys at This One!

So do you have to allow men at your bridal shower? No, not always. Sometimes a bridal shower for women only is thrown and then a co-ed party is thrown on a different date. This allows the bride her private bridal shower and still allows the couples to participate in a party together.

Planning It Right

When throwing a co-ed bridal shower, you should also pay attention to the menu items. While women may love pate and chocolate dipped strawberries, men might just prefer weenies on a stick. It's important to make sure you have enough of a variety to fit everyone's tastes.

The same can be said for games. First Kiss might be a game that's fun to play with a room filled with women, but it takes on an embarrassing tone when you throw the male aspect into it.

However, if two separate parties are being thrown, gifts should only be given at one of the parties as people attending both parties would feel obligated to give two gifts.

A co-ed bridal shower can definitely be a blast, it's just a matter of planning it properly and making sure everyone understands the rules.

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