Shower Invitations on a Budget

How to keep your shower invitations affordable.

If you're planning a wedding shower, shower invitations are probably somewhere in your to-do list. If you're on a tight budget, you're probably wondering how you're going to afford them.

Patti the Perfect Party Planner is here to tell you that your shower invitations can be attractive as well as affordable. It's just a matter of a little planning and a bit of effort.

Discount Shower Invitations

The first rule when doing your shower invitations on a budget is to shop around. Not all invitation printers charge the same and you should be able to find a deal on the invitations you want if you look hard enough.

Do-It-Yourself Shower Invitations

If even the most affordable of quality shower invitations seem out of your price range, think about making the shower invitations yourself. There's nothing wrong with a hand-made shower invitation.

If you do make your own shower invitations, make sure you really throw your creativity into it. Below are some ideas to use when it comes to making shower invitations.

Heart-Shaped Shower Invitations

Heart-shaped shower invitations are romantic and fun to make. Remember when you used to cut out heart shapes in grade school? Making these invitations will be like taking a trip back to the good ole' days.

To make heart-shaped shower invitations, you'll want to buy some quality red paper (construction paper is too elementary). Go to your local craft store to see what kinds of paper they have to offer. Your local office supply store can be a good resource too.

Cut out hearts from the red paper. Then take white doilies and cut out hearts from the doilies, making the doily hearts a bit smaller than the red paper hearts. In calligraphy, write the shower information onto the doilies and then glue the doilies into the red hearts. Your shower invitations are complete!

Candy Bar Shower Invitations

To create your candy bar shower invitations, you'll need to start on the Internet. Search the web for free candy bar wrapper invitation templates and search through the results to find what you're looking for.

Once you have your wrapper template picked out, download it from the web and customize it to fit your shower. Once the wrapper has been customized, you will need to print the wrappers out on quality paper.

Now that the wrappers for your shower invitations are printed out, cut them down to size using the wrapper from an actual Hershey bar as a template. Then take a hot glue gun and glue each wrapper around a candy bar.

Not only are these wedding shower invitations unique and creative, they're tasty too!

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