The Beach Wedding Shower

Want to usher your friend into marriage with a little fun in the sun? Then a beach wedding shower's the ideal venue.

Envision, if you will, the ambience of a beach wedding shower. A tropical drink melting in your hand (a la The Beach Boys), the roar of the surf, the crunch of sand beneath your toes, the scent of salt in the air, the sparkle of sunlight on the breaking waves...

Now, imagine that, instead, you're just sitting in your living room watching your buddy open gifts. Doesn't really compare, does it?

All Ashore Who's Going Ashore

Now, that's not to say there's anything wrong with non-beach bridal showers; heavens, no. We've covered all sorts of cool, fun ideas on these very pages. But every once in a while, it's nice to get out to a place where sea, sand, and sky meet; and what better excuse than for a wedding shower?

So if you and your attendees live within an hour or so of a shoreline, why not hop in the car and make a trek to the nearest public beach? Of course, you don't necessarily have to go to the ocean to accomplish that. A big lake might work, though surfing would, sadly, be out of the question.

Cool Benefits

While you may have to travel for a while to get there, the beach has advantages over other shower venues. First of all, you're not cooped up indoors, and the party can really spread out. A small apartment or house, or even a commercial location, won't allow that.

Second, it doesn't have to be any more expensive than an indoor party. You don't have to pay for decorations, for example (what good would they do at the beach?), and if you want to stick with beach party food, you can make do with hotdogs, burgers, sodas, and maybe a few hand-dug clams.

Incidentally, if you offer on-the-beach grilling options, it'll be easier to temp the SOs of the girls you invite to attend as well, so they can do all the heavy lifting and cooking. Boys love to barbecue.

Beach Touches

That's not to say you can't provide themed foodstuffs, of course. Cookies shaped like starfish and seashells are sure to be a hit, and if you're handy with the frosting, you can add similar decorations to cupcakes and other desserts.

The shower gifts can be fun, too. Instead of providing the bride-to-be with skimpy lingerie, how about a flattering swimsuit or two to fit the theme? And be sure that one of the gifts is a cute little bucket-and-shovel set, ideal for that first bundle of joy... or just to collect some sand to take home with them.

That way, you can justifiably claim that you got your friend some "oceanfront property" to commemorate her beach wedding shower!

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