Tie-dye or 80's Hair – Bridal Shower Themes Keep Things Interesting

Three bridal shower themes that can really liven up a party.

So you're throwing a bridal shower party and you know you want it to be themed, but you're having a hard time coming up with good bridal shower themes? Once again, Patti the Perfect Party Planner is to the rescue with three great bridal shower themes that can really liven up a party!

Bridal Shower Themes Number 1 -- Firsts Party Theme

The first year of marriage, the newlyweds will be encountering a lot of firsts. Their first time shopping together as a married couple, their first time cooking together, their first time traveling together, etc.

The theme of this shower is to get the bride-to-be prepared for all of her and her soon-to-be husband's firsts. At this party, each guest brings a gift to help the couple through some of their “firsts”. For example, for their first Christmas someone might bring an artificial Christmas tree as a gift or a wreath, Christmas ornaments, etc.

To decorate for the First Party Theme, you would put pictures representing the first things couples do. For example, a magazine cut-out of a baby could represent a first child and a picture of two people cooking together could represent a first meal.

Bridal Shower Themes Number 2 -- Hours of the Day

With this bridal shower theme, guests are each assigned a different hour of the day and they purchase gifts based on the hour of the day that they were assigned.

For example, if a guest is assigned 10:00 p.m., they might want to buy bed sheets or pillows as gifts. If they're assigned 5:00 or 6:00 p.m., they might want to give pots and pans to cook dinner in.

To decorate for the Hours of the Day Theme, you could tape pictures of big clocks throughout the party room and instead of numbers, have the names of the people who were assigned those hours on the clock.

Not only is an Hours of the Day bridal shower fun, it also helps prepare the soon-to-be newlyweds for their life together.

Bridal Shower Themes Number 3 -- Alphabet Theme

The Alphabet Theme is probably the simplest of all bridal shower themes. In each guest's invitation, assign them a letter and let them know that the gift they purchase must start with the letter they were assigned. For example, if you were assigned a “P”, you could buy pots and pans.

To decorate for the Alphabet Theme, tape the letters of the alphabet all over the room and have a letter-shaped cake for dessert.

While these bridal shower themes are great to start with, the best part about bridal shower themes is using your imagination. Take these bridal shower themes and run with them and see what other ideas you can add to them!

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