Today's Best Bridal Shower Gifts

The best bridal shower gifts being given.

Bridal showers and bridal shower gifts go hand-in-hand, but what exactly do you get the bride to be? If you're one of those people who always wants to be the one giving the perfect gift, you've come to the right place.

I'm Patti the Perfect Party Planner and I'm going to give you the low-down on the best bridal shower gifts being given.

The Bride Knows Best

Many brides sign up for a gift registry for their bridal shower. If they haven't signed up for a gift registry for their bridal shower gifts, they likely have for their wedding gifts.

If the bride is registered at a gift registry, find out where and do your gift shopping there. Since the bride knows best what she wants, you can't go wrong by buying from the gift registry list.

If for some reason the bride isn't registered anywhere, try some of these great bridal shower gift ideas.

Keepsake Impression Kit

Keepsake impression kits are available at most local craft stores. The bride and groom place their hands (holding hands) in the mold and the material hardens into a ceramic-like casting of their hands being held together.

Cake Platter

Every woman needs a cake platter at some point in her life and they make great bridal shower gifts. Crystal is best but milk glass can work just as well.

Bottle Opener w/ Champaign

A bottle opener and a bottle of nice Champaign make great bridal shower gifts. When it comes to bridal shower gifts, try making sure the bottle opener is made of sterling silver.

If you can manage to swing the budget, Tiffany & Co. offers some beautiful pieces that make perfect bridal shower gifts and the blue box is sure to get your gift noticed.

Heart-Shaped Measuring Cups and Spoons

The bride is going to be cooking a lot of meals for her husband in the future so heart-shaped measuring cups and spoons are sure to be appreciated bridal shower gifts. You can find them at many bridal shower supply stores and on the Internet.


If the bride wants to learn to cook but hasn't had a lot of experience, cookbooks will make the ultimate bridal shower gift. Buy her a variety of cookbooks so she can expand her culinary experience.

No matter what you decide to get the bride, bridal shower gifts given with thought and care are always treasured and appreciated.

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