Unique Wedding Shower Gifts for Any Woman

Want to stand out? Try these wedding shower gifts!

As if planning a shower isn't enough, you have to worry about wedding shower gifts. Yes, the bride is registered, and yes, she will definitely appreciate gifts from her registry. But if you're really close to the wedding girl, you might want to give her something a bit more unique -- a bit more clever -- a bit more personal than a toaster.

Fortunately, the Internet is your friend when it comes to bridal shower gifts. You can find so many cool, clever, and interesting gifts online that you won't be able to decide which is best. No one will know how you thought of such unique bridal shower gift ideas, and the bride will remember your contribution for the rest of her life.

Sound good? Great! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Best of the web: unique wedding shower gifts

Check out these clever and unique gift ideas for any bride.

1. Something Blue anklet

Most brides forget the old 'something borrowed, something blue' rhyme -- until about a day before their weddings. Then they remember and start running around in a frantic rush to find the perfect items to fulfill the tradition.

Give her a head start with a gorgeous anklet with blue stones. It's so pretty she'll be able to wear it any time, not just for her wedding, and because it's an anklet, she won't have to worry about it matching her dress.

2. Wedding Blessing Jar

This makes a nice and inexpensive addition to any wedding shower. It's a pretty jar containing 31 inspirational sayings to get the newlyweds through any initial storms (while looking pretty on their coffee table). To really personalize it, open it up and invite guests to add their own words of wisdom before they leave.

3. Engraved Happily Ever After Recipe Box

Recipe boxes are standard bridal shower gift ideas, especially if everyone brings a recipe card to add. They make great 'starting out' presents for newlyweds of all ages. Why not add a bit of a kick to the tradition with a beautifully personalized wooden recipe box, rather than an impersonal cardboard container?

4. Design it Yourself Clock

This amazing gift is perfect for any bride. It comes with twelve circular frames to represent the twelve numbers of the clock. The bride can fill them with any pictures she desires and arrange them around the clock hands to create the perfect personalized clock and photo collage.

Don't get stuck in boring old bridal shower gifts. Yes, she'll appreciate them -- but next week, will she remember who gave them to her? Offer up something really special -- like these unique wedding shower gift ideas -- and watch her face light up, knowing you'll hold a special place in her memories forever.

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