Wedding Shower Ideas for the Perfect Party

Have a blast with creative wedding shower ideas

You probably already know how much I love coming up with wedding shower ideas. I plan so many showers every year it becomes old hat. I still love it, but sometimes I feel the need to get creative. After all, there's only so many times a person can play pin the tail on the donkey before they start to get bored.

So lately I've been thinking up new and creative bridal shower ideas for the showers coming up this fall, and I thought I would share some of them with you. Enjoy!

Creative wedding showers ideas for any bride

Have fun with these shower ideas for any style.

1. Plan around the food

Usually I start with a theme and from there, I choose my menu. But the other day I thought why not try it in reverse? So I hit the Internet and found some great cupcake recipes, and the next thing I knew, I had a cupcake themed wedding shower: cupcakes to eat, a game involving drawing the bride using a spray can of whipped cream, cupcake candles. I even had each guest bring their favourite cupcake recipe for the bride.

I never would have thought of starting with food because it seems so counterintuitive, but it wound up giving me fantastic bridal shower ideas for the entire party.

2. Go exotic

International themes are always popular, and the more exotic the better. Arabian Nights makes a fantastic theme for any wedding shower because it's so romantic. Hire belly dancers if you can find them, drape things in cloths and throw down some pillows. Your decorating is done! It's such an easy thing, and it goes over very well with everyone (looks way more complicated than it is!).

3. Kid for a Day

The bride is really moving into a new phase in life, so why not give her one last chance to act like a kid? Hire a petting zoo or bouncy castle, or host the party somewhere with a trampoline. Encourage guests to dress down and, weather permitting, give them water guns for a silly water fight. Have bright bowls of candy and hot dogs. Give guests their party favors with a 'fishing pond' style party game.

It sounds silly and it will raise a few eyebrows, but it will be SO much fun, no one will be complaining when they leave.

4. Come as You Were

A fun theme for any party, but especially when you're looking for bridal shower ideas, is a come as you were party. Depending on the crowd, it could be 'come as you were when you were in high school,' 'come as you were when you got engaged,' or 'come as you were when you received this invitation.' The last one is a lot of fun -- you'll have people hamming it up, showing up in robes and curlers.

It's a fun theme that lets you get away with silly decorations and food, which is always a blast.

These are the new wedding shower ideas I can't wait to try, and I hope you're excited about them too!

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