Wedding Shower Invitation How-To

What's appropriate and what's not when it comes to sending out the wedding shower invitation.

So you're sending out the wedding shower invitations and you're not sure what's appropriate and what's not? Worry not! Patti the perfect party planner is here to give you the low-down on wedding shower invitation etiquette.

Proper British English

First, when writing your wedding shower invitation, it is important to note that the invitation should be written using proper British English. Words change. Honor becomes honour and favor becomes favour. If you want the wedding shower invitation done right, check the wording.

Location, Location, Location

Okay, you're wedding invitation could be perfect but if you mistype the location or, worse yet, leave it off entirely, you're going to have a big problem on your hands. When proofreading your invitation make sure that the name of the location as well as the address is listed on the wedding shower invitation.

Time and Date

Just as important as the location, when it comes to your wedding shower invitation you had better make sure you get the time and date right. If you don't people are going to be showing up early, late, or not showing up at all!

Anyone Up For a Themed Party?

If you're throwing a themed party, the wedding shower invitation is the place to let people know. Whether they need to come in costume or bring a special gift, the wedding shower invitation should list any themes planned for the wedding shower.

RSVP or Regrets Only?

When writing the wedding shower invitation, make sure you mention whether guests should RSVP or contact you with regrets only.

RSVP means that whether or not they can attend, guests will let you know either way. Regrets only means that the only guests who will be contacting you will be the guests who aren't attending.

I suggest using the RSVP option on your wedding shower invitation. That way, if you don't hear from someone on your invite list you can contact them asking if they are attending or not.

If you have regrets only on the wedding shower invitation, you might assume that there are 20 people showing up when in actuality there are only 10.

Not Just an Invitation

By following these guidelines, the wedding shower invitation will not just be an important step in the wedding shower process, but will also be a tool that lets you know how to plan for the wedding shower.

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