Wedding Shower Nightmares

Five wedding shower uh-ohs you want to avoid at all costs

Okay girls, Patti the Perfect Party Planner usually tells you what to do when throwing a great wedding shower. However, I think it's time we went over some of what not to do when throwing a wedding shower in order to avoid the wedding shower uh-ohs that I've heard about.

First Things First

First things first. Don't forget to send out the invitations. One poor girl had absolutely no one show up to her wedding shower.

Was it because she had no friends and was completely unloved? No, absolutely not. It was because her frenzied maid of honor forgot to send out the wedding shower invitations! This mistake is a big one, so don't make it.

Anyone Up for Swelling and Itching?

Make sure that no one at the party has allergies to the foods you're serving at the wedding shower. A number of people are allergic to peanuts, so if you're serving something with peanut products in it, make sure it's labeled.

You can ask the guests beforehand if anyone is allergic to anything and steer away from those ingredients when planning your wedding shower menu.

Oh Tell Me She Did Not Come!

I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but it's happened before. Do not invite the groom's ex-girlfriend to the wedding shower unless she's a close friend of the bride. No matter how nice she is or how hard she tries to weasel her way in, it's just not a good idea.

A Big, Handsome No-No

While many people do it for wedding showers, don't hire a male dancer for entertainment without checking it with the bride first. Depending on how modest she is, she might not appreciate the entertainment and the party is about her. And if it's a unisex party, the groom definitely won't appreciate it.

Organization Is Key

Keep things organized. Many a wedding shower has fallen apart due to the neglect of last-minute details. Keep a schedule and make a checklist. Check it ten times if you have to, but make sure that all of the details are being looked over and know who's handling what at all times.

The day of the party, touch base with everyone who is helping out with the wedding shower and make sure that everyone knows what they're supposed to be doing.

Check the food and make sure the menu is accounted for or check in with the catering service if you're having the party catered.

By following these tips and avoiding these big wedding shower uh-ohs, you'll be able to save yourself embarrassment and headaches and you'll be on your way to planning one great wedding shower.

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