Wedding Shower Poems For Cards and More

How to find wedding shower poems for any theme or shower

It's not hard to find great wedding shower poems, but many people never think of it. They gather invitations, decorations, food, and more, but they don't stop to think about wedding shower cards and what sentiments they want to express. For that reason, brides end up with piles of cards that say things like 'best wishes' or 'good luck' -- boring and impersonal concepts!

Wedding shower poems are a great way to express what you really feel. You can do all sorts of things with them, too: use them in your own wedding cards, create posters for decoration, or create favors. There are so many wonderful ways to use poetry to express wedding shower ideas that it's amazing more people don't do it!

Finding and using wedding shower poems

So where can you find wedding shower poems? There are many different options! When you're choosing poems, there are two types you're probably going to look at: classic love poetry and more contemporary, often amateur, poetry written specifically for and about bridal showers.

When it's time to start getting those poems together, here's where you can look:

1. The Internet

Searching for terms like 'classic love poems' or 'wedding shower poems' and you'll turn up dozens of both famous and original poems. No matter what you're looking for it's sure to be online somewhere!

2. Good old fashioned books

Hit your local library and find anthologies of love poetry. Spend a few hours browsing (or using a photocopier) and you'll turn up piles of fantastic poetry to fit any wedding shower ideas.

3. Write your own

Are you a writer yourself? Nothing makes wedding cards special like a personal poem you wrote by yourself. If you're not a skilled writer or you're uncomfortable with poetry, check with other guests. You may have a secret writer and not even know it.

If the bride writes poetry, it's an incredibly sweet touch to get your hands on something she's written and working it into the wedding shower itself. Depending on the bride, this can be a nice surprise, but if you're not sure you should get her permission first, just in case.

4. Encourage each guest to contribute

If it fits into your theme, it's fun to ask each guest to write a poem in their wedding shower cards. You can assign poems if you are really worried about duplication, but it's a nicer touch if everyone picks poems that they think speak to the bride. Poetry doesn't have to be love poetry to communicate a feeling!

If you've never thought of using poetry in a wedding shower, there are some fantastic poems out there that would convince you otherwise right away. Enjoy them as you browse for great wedding shower poems!

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