Wedding Shower Themes are Fun and Easy

Alice in Wonderland makes wedding shower themes a blast

If you can't think of original wedding shower themes, go back to childhood with Alice in Wonderland. Sound silly? Well, it is -- in a good way, of course. The bride to be is sure to have fun if there's even a touch of the child left inside of her. Here are some great ideas to make sure your wedding shower games, food, and decorations match the story.

Alice's bridal shower games

There's one very obvious game everyone has to play at a Wonderland bridal shower: croquet! If the weather cooperates, get everyone outside for this old classic lawn game. You don't have to use hedgehogs for balls, but if you want to, you can use plastic flamingos for mallets.

If the weather doesn't cooperate (or, heaven forbid, you want more than one game), try things like pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat, or even a real blast to the past with musical chairs (like the Mad Hatter's tea party when everyone has to switch seats). These are quick, fun, and easy wedding shower games everyone can enjoy.

And her yummy food, too

Bridal shower themes make food easy. Try a cake in the shape of a mushroom (with an 'eat me' sign on top, of course). If you can't manage that, even a rounded cake iced with vanilla icing will get the point across. You can serve finger foods like the Mad Hatter's tea party (with tea, of course!) and a clear flavored beverage (such as 7-Up with lemon juice) served in 'drink me' glasses.

Don't forget decorations!

Decorations are the most fun of any bridal shower themes, especially when you're dealing with Wonderland. You can decorate inexpensively by using sticky tac to put playing cards around the room (these also double as great placecards). Pink flamingos are a must. Try to find a big stuffed white rabbit and give him a place of honor. If you're outdoors, so much the better: bright colored streamers and some lights will finish the look.

Bridal favors

Of course, no bridal shower themes are complete without favors -- you have to thank your guests for attending. Fortunately, it's easy to do with Alice. If it's near Easter, pick up inexpensive white rabbits at a department store (white chocolate rabbits are especially popular). Give out nicely packaged tea bags for the Mad Hatter's tea party. If you're really stuck, buy a nice deck of playing cards for each guest.

As you can see, Alice in Wonderland makes a terrific theme for your wedding shower. From wedding shower games to perfect food and d├ęcor, you won't have any trouble putting the shower together easily and inexpensively, and the bride will love you for it. Have a great time revisiting childhood with Alice related wedding shower themes.

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