Wedding Shower Themes That Always Work

Plan a great shower with these wedding shower themes

I used to hate deciding on wedding shower themes. What will the bride like? Is that too cheesy? Will I be able to find decorations and party favors to match? It was like trying to plan the wedding itself!

Fortunately, I've realized since then that with a bit of tweaking, there are a couple wedding themes that suit just about any personality. It's fun and easy to make food and decorations to go with each one, and you don't have to do a lot of work. Dying to know the secret to the perfect bridal shower theme? Here are a few you can choose from, anytime, anywhere.

Simple bridal shower themes

1. Start with the packaging

Visit your local department store and you'll find tons of plates, napkins, and decorations organized by theme. If you're feeling lazy, this is a great place to start. They usually have coordinating invitations, too. One stop and your work is done: theme, décor, invites, and colors, all in one stop.

2. Find the bride's colors

Let the wedding shower ideas mirror the wedding with colors that match the bride's choice. If her wedding colors are red and gold, have a red and gold themed wedding shower. Buy inexpensive streamers and focus on recipes involving appropriate colored foods (lots of strawberries and cookies decorated with gold sprinkles). It's easy, fitting, and lots of fun.

3. Choose a room

An easy way to start is to go with a single room of the house. Even a bathroom themed party can be elegant if you refer to it as a 'spa theme' and give away little bottles of bath salts as favors. Guests then bring gifts specific to the theme, so the bride gets all the bath related items on her registry in one go.

4. International theme

Choose a country the bride loves (or, if appropriate, one that reflects her cultural heritage). You can easily decorate with items from that country (Japanese fans, for example) or colors that reflect the mood (bright red, blue, and gold streamers for India, for example). Serve ethnic foods and inexpensive party favors (chopsticks, jewelled boxes) that reflect the theme.

As you can see, any of these wedding shower themes is simple and affordable. You can adjust them to suit any mood. If the bride's wild and crazy, go all out with unusual recipes, wacky games, and bright décor. If the bride is more conservative, stick with decorations and simple food that reflect her personality. Any wedding shower ideas can fit into these four easy themes.

If you use these as your base, it takes all the stress out of planning the bridal shower theme, and it makes you look like a party planning whiz! So next time you're putting on a wedding shower, think about using these wedding shower themes as your starting point and going from there.

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