Wedding Websites Provide Fun Wedding Shower Ideas

Even if you're not the bride, wedding websites are a girl's best friend

There are lots of wedding websites out there, but they're mostly for brides. Grooms too, I guess, although let's face it: it's usually the bride doing the planning, browsing hairstyles, and the like.

When we brilliant bridal shower planners hit the web, we're not usually looking for wedding websites. We're looking for wedding shower ideas and websites that detail games, invitations, and themes. But strangely enough, wedding websites can provide exactly the inspiration you need for the perfect bridal showers.

Using wedding websites to plan bridal showers

How so? Well, it's easy -- providing, that is, you know the bride well, and since you're planning her shower, you probably do. It's even better if you know her colors and the style of her wedding, because then you can make sure her shower matches perfectly.

Wedding websites are all about ideas. They provide flower arrangements, inexpensive favor suggestions, centerpiece ideas... any of this sounding familiar? No, you won't find games or recipes, but you will find a whole lot of beautiful suggestions for arranging the perfect bridal shower.

Obviously, you're not going to spend as much on wedding showers as on the wedding itself. But the centerpieces they suggest on wedding websites are going to be on upwards of 20 tables, so they're relatively inexpensive individually. The same goes for most other items: since they expect hundreds of guests, the individual prices are usually quite low. That works out well for you since the bridal shower will almost certainly have fewer guests than the wedding!

In addition, you can get great inspiration from wedding websites. You can look at their suggestions and modify them as you see fit. Many wedding sites have their ideas organized by color and style, making it quick and easy to access hundreds of wedding shower ideas.

Where to look

Browsing wedding websites is cheap (free!) and easy. Here are some great places to start.

1. Bride. Ca This Canadian site is chock full of decorating, pictures, and other great ideas to inspire perfect wedding showers.

2. KISS weddings. Keep it simple and sweet! The same rule should apply to the bridal shower. Again, you'll find lots of great inspirations here.

3. Real Simple Magazine. Real Simple is known for providing unique, inexpensive, and clever ways to turn the simple into the extraordinary. Their wedding ideas are no exception!

4. The knot. The Knot is a virtual extravaganza of well organized, clever, and beautiful wedding decorations with links to sites that sell inexpensive favors as well.

So you're not a bride. You're planning a bridal shower, and that's just about as important. When you set out in search of ideas, don't neglect wedding websites, the perfect way to find inexpensive inspiration for that special wedding shower.

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