What's New in Bridal Showers?

The latest trends for planning bridal showers.

Bridal showers are truly special events and everyone wants their bridal shower to be one to remember. To many people, that means having a bridal shower that is the epitome of the latest in bridal shower trends.

With trends and fads changing all the time, it's hard to figure out what's hot and what's not anymore. However, as usual, Patti the Perfect Party Planner can give you the inside edge as to what's hot in bridal showers.

Themed Bridal Showers

Themed bridal showers have always been popular and that popularity isn't going away. If you want to throw a bridal shower that's sure to be a hit, go with a themed party.

The theme you chose doesn't have to revolve around romance, weddings or love. It can be a 70's theme or a rock band theme, just make sure the theme you choose is interesting and fun.

Men Allowed

While it used to be a big no-no, bridal showers where men are allowed are becoming increasingly popular. Since lately men have been taking a more active role in the wedding-planning process, it only makes sense that they would be attending the bridal shower.

Chocolate Fountains

These tasty decorations have been becoming increasingly popular at all major parties, including bridal showers. Available in different sizes, the chocolate fountains serve as giant, flowing fondue pots for fruits and pretzels.

Bridal Shower Games

Bridal showers aren't complete without bridal shower games being played. With a little bit of research and planning, you can have the hottest bridal shower games at your party.

Bridal Showers Thrown by the Bride

Lately it's becoming more common for brides to throw their own bridal showers. If you really want the bridal shower to be cutting edge, have the bride throw her own party.

Live Entertainment

While it used to be reserved for the wedding itself, live entertainment is becoming more and more popular at bridal showers. Hiring a band or even a stand-up comedian for the bridal shower isn't unusual nowadays.

Did You Know? There are now more people are hiring stand-up comedians for their bridal showers than there are people who are hiring adult entertainers.

Backyard BBQs

Bridal showers used to be held in banquet halls and fancy restaurants but lately brides have been content to celebrate their coming wedding in their own backyards or the backyard of a friend.

Backyard BBQ bridal showers are comfortable, cost effective and if held at the bride's home, there's no lugging presents back from the party. She can just put them away when the festivities are over.

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