What's Your Bridal Shower Theme?

You've chosen a theme for that bridal shower you're planning… right? If not, here are a few bridal shower themes to consider

While you can always just have people show up at the shower with random gifts, it's a lot more fun to arrange a bridal shower theme well in advance. That way, you can work to ensure that there's as little gift overlap as possible, and besides, themes can be a lot of fun.

After all, a shower is a party, and all good parties should have a theme!

If you've been awarded the honor of arranging a friend's wedding shower (or have taken it upon yourself), here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Hanky Panky in the Kitchen

Okay: first off, let's just say that this is not as risqué as it sounds. Not quite. The idea with this theme is to bring two gifts for the bride: one for the kitchen, and one for the bedroom. See the possibilities here?

All new couples need new kitchen appliances; blenders, for example. Or a toaster, or maybe a nice Crock Pot or George Foreman grill. As for the bedroom, well... use your imagination. And by the way, most people would not consider a new alarm clock or curtains to be particularly imaginative, if you catch our drift.

Needless to say, this might not be one of those showers that you want to invite Grandma to. Just saying.

One Room at a Time

Speaking of rooms, another cool theme is to assign every attendee a room to purchase a gift for: bathroom, parlor, garage, and yes, the bedrooms and kitchen. No worries if your betrothed buddy lives in a small place: you can always assign the same room to more than one person.

Fill the Pantry

Everyone has to eat, right? Here's an idea: have each guest put their favorite recipe on a card, and then bring it and everything needed to make it in a gift basket. In addition, they can bring an associated kitchen implement or dish to help prepare the recipe: say, a set of cookie cutters, or a new chafing dish.

If you're really ambitious, you and your chefs du jour can whip up one or more of the recipes, and serve it to all attending. Hey, you'll need something to eat anyway.

Open Your Mind...

When you get right down to it, there's no real excuse not to have a theme for your shower. All it takes is a little imagination, and the initiative to pass the word along to the people you invite. So we hope this article has jump-started your planning engine.

And by the way -- we'd love to hear about any unique bridal shower theme you've come up with, along with how it panned out once you set it in motion!

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