Who Else Wants The Perfect Bridal Shower Decorations?

Five great tips for creating the perfect bridal shower decorations

One of the best things about throwing a bridal shower is the bridal shower decorations. However, the bridal shower decorations can become quite expensive if you buy them all from the store.

Sometimes it's best to add your own creations to the bridal shower d├ęcor. If you're not sure how to make bridal shower decorations, don't fret. Patti the Perfect Party Planner is to the rescue once again, providing you with five great bridal shower decoration ideas.

Luminary Path Lights

With these bridal shower decorations, the first things guests will see when arriving at the party is elegant path lights lighting the way to the doorstep. To make these path lights you'll need:

White Paper Bags
Hole Punch
Blue Votive Candles

The first thing you will want to do is stencil some patterns onto the paper bags and cut them out with scissors. After cutting out the patterns, fill the bottom of the bag with sand and place the candle in the sand. Line the walkway with the bridal shower decorations and light the candles with a fireplace match.

Cookie Cutter Napkin Rings

These bridal shower decorations are cute and easy to make. Simply purchase heart-shaped cookie cutters (one for each guest) and linen napkins. Roll the napkins and push them through each cookie cutter, using the cookie cutter as a napkin ring.


Lightly sprinkle the tables with heart-shaped pink and white confetti. Make sure that you keep the confetti towards the center of the table in order to avoid a mess.

Ice Sculptures

If you're adventurous, ice sculptures make awesome bridal shower decorations. To create ice sculptures, buy some heart-shaped gelatin molds and fill them with water tinted with red food coloring.

Put the mold in the freezer until the water turns to ice. Just before the party starts, release the ice from the molds and put these stunning bridal shower decorations out for everyone to admire.

Pictures of Love

To create these bridal shower decorations, get pictures of the groom and bride and glue them to construction paper. Punch two holes in the construction paper and run white ribbon through the holes. Then hang the pictures throughout the party room.

Enlist Help

Making a lot of bridal shower decorations can be time consuming and a bit overwhelming. Make sure you enlist the help of friends by having a craft night a few days before the party. Invite your friends over and make the decorations together.

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